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Gibson Lucille Red

gibson lucille red

The Gibson Lucille Red series is a magic. The lucille guitar bb king es 335 black is the basics. The gibson lucille red is the ES-345. It drops dead gorgeous! The gibson lucille red was first produced in 1958 as upscale version of ES-335. Although the design is very similar to the 335, the gibson lucille red featured a multi-position “Varitone” switch located just above the lead tone and volume controls, which added various combinations of inductors and capacitors to the electronic pickup circuit of the guitar in order to alter its resonant frequency and add “color” to the sound. The gibson lucille red also featured an optional stereophonic output jack, gold-plated hardware, large split parallelogram fingerboard inlays (similar to ES 175), and a thicker three-ply edge binding than that of the ES-335. Notable users were Freddie King, John McLaughlin, Jorma Kaukonen, Fred Frith and Elvin Bishop.

It was discontinued in 1981, one year after the Gibson Lucille Red was launched. As of 2012, the ES-345 is available as limited edition of Epiphone, as well as the ES-355. The differences between two models are:
The headstock of Gibson Lucille Red inlay on the gibson lucille red is a “small crown”, instead of a “split-diamond” custom inlay on the ES-355.
The position markers on gibson lucille red are “double parallelogram”, instead of the “block” inlays on the ES-355. Also, the first fret on the gibson lucille red is not inlaid.

The stereo output wiring and the Varitone was factory-installed on the gibson lucille red and ES-355TD-SV, but not on the unmodified ES-355TD (mono version).
The vibrato unit (Vibrola or Bigsby) was an option on the gibson lucille red; In contrast, it was factory-installed on most Gibson Lucille Red (except for the earlier models in the 1950s, final models after 1979,and Lucille).

The variations  Gibson Lucille Red of he gibson bb king lucille guitar review is worth noticing.
The ES-345 was first produced in 1958 as upscale version of ES-335.
The ES-355TD (Thinline semi-hollow, Double pickups) was at the top of Gibson’s range of thinline semi-acoustic guitars.
The EB-2 was first produced in 1958 as the bass version of the ES-335. Having the same body as the ES-335, it held a 30.5″ scale neck and hardware borrowed directly from the Gibson EB-0.

The CS-336 is a smaller version of the gibson bb king lucille guitar review. The back and sides of this guitar are constructed from a single piece of carved mahogany, and its reduced size is closer to that of the Les Paul.
And Other models based on the 335 include the ES-333, the ES-340 (the toggle switch has settings of the pickups in-phase, pickups out-of-phase and standby), the ES-347 (includes a coil tap, block markers on an ebony fretboard, fine tuning tailpiece and, on earlier models, a brass nut), the ES-339, essentially a 335 with the body reduced to Les Paul size; and the Gibson Les Paul signature bass.

Although the ES-330 resembles the 335, it is actually fully hollow (as opposed to semi-hollow) and features two P-90 pickups (as opposed to 2 humbucking pickups), and was designed as the successor of the Gibson ES-225.