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Bb King My Lucille

Bb King My Lucille

I used to play a place in Twist, Arkansas. Still there, Twist, Arkansas. They used to have a little nightclub there that we played quite often. It used to get quite cold in Twist. They used to take something looked like a big Bb King My Lucille garbage pail and set it in the middle of the floor, half fill it with kerosene, and would light that fuel and that’s what we used for heat. Generally, the people would dance around it and they wouldn’t disturb this container. This particular night, two guys started to fighting and one of ‘em knocked the other one over on this container. When they did, it spilled on the floor.

Now it was already burning, so when it spilled, it looked like a river of fire. Everybody ran for the front door including yours Gibson Bb King Lucille Sale truly. But when I got on the outside, then I realized that I’d left my guitar inside. I went back for it. The building was a wooden building and it was burning so fast when I got my guitar, it started to collapse around me. So I almost lost my life trying to save the guitar. Well the next morning we found Bb King My Lucille that these two guys was fighting about a lady. I never did meet the lady, I never did meet the lady, but I learned that her name was Lucille so I named my guitar Lucille to remind me not to do a thing like that again .

From the cotton fields, street corners and juke joints of the Mississippi Delta came a new kind of music – the blues. Considered by many to be the only truly indigenous American Bb King My Lucille music, this form that has influenced musicians worldwide is deeply rooted in Delta soil. And so is the man who helped spread the blues as its foremost ambassador… Riley B.B. King.Blues legend B.B. King was forced to cancel the remainder of his current tour after falling ill following a October 3 show at Chicago’s House of Blues.

The 89-year-old Rock Gibson Bb King Lucille Sale and Roll Hall of Famer had eight gigs left on his current trek, including stops at his namesake B.B. King Blues Club in New York.”[King] was immediately evaluated by a doctor and diagnosed with dehydration and suffering from exhaustion whereby causing the eight remaining shows of his current tour to be canceled,” King’s official site posted. No other details about King’s  Bb King My Lucille condition were revealed.

As EW’s The Music Mix points out, King gave a shaky performance in St. Louis in April 2014, with the concert being so erratic that the blues great’s reps issued a statement apologizing Bb King My Lucille ,following the gig.