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The Gibson Bb King Shop Standard model was made from 1980 to 1985. This model had chrome hardware and dot inlays instead of block inlays.[citation needed]

The Gibson Bb Ki ng Shop subsidiary Epiphone also offers a low-cost, foreign made Lucille model based on the Gibson Lucille. Differences include a variation on the headstock inlays, a gloss finish and different pickupsI read many review before I bought this guitar. I was reluctant to buy it because I could not find the guitar to try out at any store. So I really had to rely on the reviews I could find on line. I wanted this guitar because I admire BB King and his playing style and I thought the guitar looked great. I ordered the guitar online and was told that the only model not back ordered was the Red model. I really wanted the Black as that is the color BB King played on stage. I was notified after I purchased the guitar that the Red was also back ordered and there was no delivery date available. I found one GC store online that had this Gibson Bb King Shop guitar and it was Black. That was the Memphis GC store. I spoke with the guitar sales manager at the store and he arranged to ship me the guitar and transferred my online purchase to his store. The guitar arrived in the box in perfect condition. Features: The features of this guitar are as listed in the ad. I really didn’t know what to expect with the Variable Selector I find that for playing blues I only use the first two positions. This guitar is heavier than my Gibson 335. Quality & Reliability: The quality was excellent on the guitar with the exception of the setup. If you want a great blues guitar with history (Gibson Bb King Shop) you may want to consider this guitar in your choices, however, if I could only have this guitar or my Gibson 335 Dot I would choose the 335, in my opinion it has a sweeter tone and is a little lighter. This guitar has a place in my collection and I really like it, but it is not for everyone.

This is a great Gibson Bb King Shop guitar. Just purchased on 6/13. You can’t really compare this guitar to other brands and should test it out often. The lucille is based on a es-345,355. There are some variations that give it BB’s own take, like the maple neck and lack of f holes. I think the veritone switch is a killer addition and allows for very good clean sounds. You will not notice a great deal of difference on the veritone switch between the middle and neck pickup switches, but there are subtle differences. As with any nitro finished gibson, expect the headstock to “peel” with the Gibson Bb King Shop inlays, and show typical gibson wear, along the fretboard edges and joints. Also, do not place a gibson nitro finish on a cheap stand or hanger with rubber, it will effect the finish of the nitro. After 20 years of playing and trying every guitar out there I would suggest this guitar to anyone looking for clean tones. I bought this one over a PRS and a Heritage. The Gibson humbuckers dirty up just fine, too. Great guitar, great neck (perfect size), typical Gibson build Gibson Bb King Shop quality (good or bad), very easy set ups and low action, could use locking tuners, and an over great guitar. Peace!

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