Joe Perry Guitars

joe perry es 6Joe Perry travels with a ton of guitars, including recognizable favorites like the Joe Perry Guitars, Dan Armstrong lucite, and BC Rich 10-string Bich, as well as a number of Custom Shop Teles and Strats from Fender and guitars from California-based boutique builder Echopark Guitars.
Anthony Joseph “Joe” Perry (Born September 10, 1950 in Lawrence, Massachusetts), is the lead guitarist and a contributing songwriter for the longstanding rock and roll band Aerosmith. He also led his own group, The Joe Perry Project, in the early 1980s, and released a solo album in 2005. In his sole work as an actor, Perry had a guest role on an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street, a popular NBC drama, in 1998. He is of Portuguese and Italian ancestry and is currently married with four children.Perry is currently on his second marriage.¬†His second marriage is to Billie Paullete Montgomery Perry (3 kids- Tony, Roman + Stepson Aaron). Perry married Billie Montgomery in 1985. He met her on the set of his “Black Velvet Pants” video in 1983, and they have been together ever since. Joe Perry Guitars¬†, as one of perry’s famous guitar, printed his beloved wife’s photo.
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